Premium & Ultra-Premium 3, 3.5 & 4 BHK Apartments at Kukatpally, HITEC City.

TS RERA Reg. No.: P02200005923

A Rare Opportunity for an Abundant Lifestyle

27.5 Acres

18 Towers

G+25 Floors

3, 3.5 & 4 BHK


1695 to 3815

Sft Unit Sizes

2 Swimming Pools

65,000 Sft

Activities Club

65,000 Sft

Elysia Sports Club

EV Charging


20,000 Sft

Largest Gated Community Gym

₹8,199/- Sft & ₹8,449/- Sft

for 3, 3.5 BHK & 4 BHK Apartments

Opp: IDL Lake, Kuktpally,


Choose A Life Where Rarity is Norm


Choose a life of rarity with Honer Signatis, an enchanted space where the rarest of the elements of modern lifestyle greet you along with graceful lush greenery and aesthetic waterspace. Spread over 27.5 acres, Honer Signatis is a community of 18 grand towers that represent a magnanimous lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Located at Kukatpally, these sprawling apartments of Honer Signatis carry the aura of free-flowing natural resources like air, water and space and hone positivity that makes each moment at home seem like a fresh breath of fine living.

Come and be a part of Honer Signatis, the hallmark of rarity that not only offers you natural bliss with utmost urban convenience but best-in-class amenities such as two extravagant swimming pools, twin-uber-luxurious clubhouses, meticulously crafted green space along with aqua space, exclusive EV car charging provision and much more.

Search no more as we have created a home of exclusivity for you that will spoil your core with unlimited abundance, joy and positivity.

Leisure is such a rarity. Rarity is so leisurely.

Walk into a life of rare opulence with Honer Signatis - an elevated space that offers you a rare haven of luxury. Honer Signatis is a sanctuary of a crafted indulgence that helps you immerse in a lifestyle gracefully knitted with rare convenience, connectivity and comprehensiveness.

Be a part of the rare lifestyle at Honer Signatis and come back home every day to enjoy unlimited exuberance. Equipped with banquet halls. party area, creche, pet park, amphitheatre etc - Signatis is the rare amalgamation of the epic lifestyle you worked so hard for and certainly deserved.

Rare Sets Of Amenities for a Rare You

Banquet Hall
Billiard Lounge
Table Tennis
Conference Room
Art & Craft Gallery
Infinity Pool
Badminton Court
Temperature controlled pool
10 Guest Rooms
Coffee Shop
Squash Court
Badminton Court
2 Suite Rooms
Pergola Seating
Exclusive GYM for Male & Female
Conference Room
Aerobic Room
Table Tennis
Preview Theatre
Terrace Party Area
Box Cricket
Cycle Track
Basketball Court
Party Lawn
Kid’s Play Area
Organic Garden
Box Garden
Pet Park
Jogging Track

Club Signatis - A Rare Realm of Exuberance

Rare lifestyle redefined at Honer Signatis - A high-rise residential project at Kukatpally, HITEC City. Embrace a life of rare opulence and extravagance tailored to premium 1 lakh Sft grand Club Signatis.

The exquisite amenities of Club Signatis are all about ensuring your comfort and uber-luxury lifestyle.

Multipurpose & Banquet Halls - Be it organizing some professional events or cherishing the big events of life like birthdays and weddings with the neighbours and relatives - the halls can help you with spaciousness and comfort. At Honer Signatis, you can stay free of the hassle during those times when you are rigorously planning an event.

Arts & Crafts Gallery - Cherishing the fine arts and staying associated with them is a blessing. Appreciate the unique arts and crafts at the Art & Craft Gallery of Club Signatis.

Infinity Pool, Kids Pool & Jacuzzi - Not one, but the presence of three exclusive water bodies at Club Signatis can give you a rare aqua experience where the infinite pools can help you de-stress, and Jacuzzi can help you cherish rare moments with your loved ones.

Coffee Shop - Cafe hopping becomes seamless at Honer Signatis. Spend some cherishable time with your loved ones during the evenings over a cup of coffee at Club Signatis.

Preview Theatre - Enjoy a community movie time or arrange a special screening for your friends at the preview theatre and unleash a rare experience.

The other Club Signatis amenities include -

  • Senior Citizen Room
  • Hobby Room
  • Gazebo
  • Terrace Party Area
  • Hobby Room with a Terrace Balcony
  • Kitty Party area
  • Reading lounge
  • Guest rooms
  • Suite rooms

Elysia Sports Club - A Rare Experience Of Activities Unveiled

Imagine living in a space that engages you in smart activities and keeps your well-being in check. At Honer Signatis, experience being a part of Club Elysia, an exclusive 65,000 Sft activity centre that is built to keep you healthy and fit through regular activities like Gym, Aerobics, Yoga, diverse sports and much more.

20,000 Sft Largest Gated Community Gym - Two extravagant gyms for men and women on two different floors ensure you have ample space to work out, break sweat and stay healthy.

Badminton Court - Do you prefer games over hitting the gym? At Honer Signatis, get ample opportunity to unwind through sporty activities. Break the sweat with your friends during weekends and create rare moments of health, wellness and friendship.

Board Games - Indulge in interesting board games and spend some memorable time with your loved ones.

Spa - After tiring activities, get yourself a relaxing spa and rejuvenate.

The other features of Club Elysia include -

  • Table Tennis
  • Internal games
  • Temperature Controlled Pool with a Deck
  • Stretch Exercise Area
  • Relaxation and Entertainment Area

Meticulously Crafted Master Plan - Ensuring A Rare Life For You

Step into a world of rare opulence with Honer Signatis. Located at Kukatpally, HITEC City, Honer Signatis is spread over 27.5 acres of land. The magnificent G+25 stored 18 towers of Signatis represent grandeur and epic presence. The arcHITECtural design presence of Honer Signatis is a perfect amalgamation of natural grace and urban accessibility.

Wake up every day and witness the natural greenery curated in the form of Central Spine. The aesthetic water space is all about providing you with a soothing vision. While your mornings will be filled with natural grace and serenity, children's play and laughter will fill your evenings.

Come and choose the rare life of Honer Signatis and embrace the rarest views in the middle of the action.

A Space You Would Love To Share With A Rare Few

When you come home to Signatis, you come home to the most exquisite manifestation of attention to detail. Each unit of Honer Signatis has been a carefully picked ensemble of experiences, here to fill the lives of you and your loved ones with joy, pride, and positivity. Designed by the best minds in the industry, Honer Signatis will ensure you always live in the magical company of both luxury and cheerfulness.

  • Premium - 3 & 3.5 BHK Apartments: 1695 to 2875 Sft Unit Sizes
  • Ultra-Premium - 4 BHK Apartments: 3815 Sft Unit Size

Honer SIGNATIS Price

Honer SIGNATIS Price

Honer Signatis - A Rare Choice For An Extraordinary Life

Cherish the beauty of life and experience the rare indulgence at your doorstep with Honer Signatis. The moment you will step inside Honer Signatis - the uniqueness of rarity will touch your life. Signatis - a representation of comprehensiveness ensures your soul grows in a haven knitted with beautiful nature yet remains close to the urban world. Look around, as rarity is adding grace in every aspect of your life.

The Rare Life You Deserve

A comprehensive life is a rare one. Get everything close to your doorstep at Honer Signatis. Choose the life you have always dreamt of - a place of exquisite opportunities that make your life simple and breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Utility Space for stores
  • Banquet Halls
  • Suite rooms & regular rooms
  • Conference Halls
  • Creche
  • Party Area
  • Amphitheatre
  • Business Lounge

Integrate Rare Habits for an Impeccable Lifestyle

Indulge in a life that helps you build healthy habits and stay fit. The state-of-the-art amenities of Honer Signatis are all about bestowing opportunities upon you that keep you healthy, and fit. Choose a lifestyle of holistic well-being and untap infinite positivity with Honer Signatis.

  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Badminton Court
  • Cycle Court
  • Table Tennis Court
  • Jogging Track
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga

Ignite The Rare Spirit of Sportsmanship

Is your fitness mantra sports or do you like to spend your weekend breaking sweats while indulging in tennis and basketball or squash? If so, Honer Signatis can be your desired destination of a lifetime. Tailored with the top-notch provision of a vast number of sports, Signatis helps you lead a life that is not restricted to work, entertainment and fun but a positive sportsman spirit that motivates you to lead a healthy life associated with strong motivation.

  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis court
  • Box Cricket
  • Double-height squash court
  • Badminton courts
  • Skating Rink
  • Billiard Lounge

Rare Comfort Exclusively For A Rare You

Step into a world of opulence which creates a haven of comfort and bliss for you. Indulge in classic art and craft, immerse in poetry verses at the reading lounge, or spend a weekend to de-stress at the Spa area - embrace the exclusive comfort for a smooth life.

  • Jacuzzi
  • Gazebo
  • Spa Area
  • Pet Park
  • Party Lawn
  • Reading Lounge
  • Art & Craft Gallery

Rare Indulgence For An Ultra-Premium Lifestyle

Why choose anything when all you deserve is ultra-premium opportunities? Be a part of Honer Signatis residential gated community apartments and brace a lifestyle tailored to unlimited abundance. Rare exclusivity for you that ensures top-notch comfort and lavishness.

  • Golf Putting
  • Temperature-controlled swimming pool
  • Terrace party area
  • Hobby room
  • Aesthetic water point
  • Shallow cascade Water feature

Rare Moments For You & Your Loved Ones

Create memories with your loved ones by leveraging the best-in-class features and opportunities. Watch your child play at the giant play area or spend a weekend partying with your neighbours at the kitty party area or create a rare moment with your beloved at the Cafe witnessing the setting sun. At Honer Signatis, every nook and corner is designed in a way that helps you embrace a life of uninterrupted joy, laughter and rare moments.

  • Cafe
  • Amphitheatre
  • Terrace Party Area
  • Kitty party area
  • Kid’s play area
  • Pet park
  • Box garden
  • Organic garden
  • Tree Court


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Honer Signatis - Your Rare Abode at Kukatpally, HITEC City

Experience opulent living at Honer Signatis, where luxury transcends mere walls. Our premium 3, 3.5, and 4 BHK apartments in Kukatpally redefine sophistication, offering a blend of elegance and convenience. Each space is meticulously designed with state-of-the-art amenities, promising an unparalleled residential experience. Embrace a life of grandeur and exclusivity with Honer Signatis, your haven of uber-luxury living in Kukatpally.

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Honer Signatis has a total of 3266 apartment units.

Honer Signatis is the biggest gated community in the heart of the city. Located opposite IDL Lake, Kukatpally, HITEC City, Honer Signatis offers premium and ultra-premium 3, 3.5, and 4 BHK apartments ranging from 1695 Sft - to 3815 Sft unit sizes. Honer Signatis is located at Kukatpally - HITEC City.

Located at IDL Lake Road, Kukatpally, Honer Signatis is comprised of 18 towers. While fourteen towers have apartment units of 3 and 3.5 BHK, Signatis has four exclusive ultra-premium towers for 4 BHKs.

Honer Signatis Phase 1 will be delivered by December 2026.

Yes. Honer Signatis - 3 BHK apartments in Kukatpally, HITEC City, 3.5 BHK apartments in Kukatpally, HITEC City, 4 BHK apartments in Kukatpally, HITEC City is a RERA-approved gated community project. The RERA Registration number - TS RERA Reg. No.: P02200005923.

Spread over an expansive 27.5 acres, Honer Signatis is the biggest gated community in the heart of Hyderabad. The 18 magnificent towers of Honer Signatis contain G+25 floors each and have premium and ultra-premium 3, 3.5, and 4 BHK apartments. With abundant open space dedicated to extensive landscaping and waterscape, Honer Signatis represents a Rare plush life for you and your loved ones.